Frequently Asked Questions About Selling On Ridgefield Marketplace

Selling on Ridgefield Marketplace is easy.  You can register in just a few steps.

1) Click on the Merchant Registration link to start the process. 

2) Once registered, complete your registration with the help of our set-up wizard.

3) Make sure you set up your stripe account or connect to us with your existing account.  This ensures that you will be paid immediately when you complete one of your customers orders.

4) Complete your stores profile.  The more complete your profile is the better chances you have to attract new customers.

5) Set up the products you want to sell.


To register on Ridgefield Marketplace you will need a couple of things, a Stripe Account and an insurance certificate. 

First is a Stripe Account.  This account allows us to pay you instantly for any orders that you receive and complete from your store.  Set up is easy and can be completed when registering.  You will need your basic business information as well as your bank account number and EIN.

Second, is a valid proof of insurance with Ridgefield Marketplace listed as an additional insured.  This helps us make sure that both you and your customers are protected when the unexpected happens.

Getting paid is quick and automatic.  Stripe will deposit money into your account anytime you complete an order placed by your customers.  You don’t need to do anything else besides complete your customers orders. The money will instantly appear in your account.  How awesome is that?

It is alway free to set up your store and to list products on Ridgefield Marketplace.  However, we do collect a small fee for every item sold on the marketplace.

Ridgefield Marketplace collects a 10% fee for any item sold on the marketplace or for any Ridgefield Marketplace Gift Card Redeemed in your physical location.

In addition, Stripe charges a 2.9% + 0.30 credit card processing fee.

As a merchant on Ridgefield Marketplace you can handle shipping using which ever method you currently use to run your business.

We would encourage you to use shipping methods such as;

  1. Same Day In Store Pick Up
  2. Offer Same Day Delivery
  3. Take advantage of Ridgefield Marketplaces next day service
  4. Offer your own next day service
  5. Use one of the national carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS

If you need help setting up your shipping please let us know and we will assist you with getting it going.

Of Course, Ridgefield Marketplace will always help you get up and running absolutely free.  We can help with basic registration, getting your stripe account activated, help you complete your profile, and even assist in getting your first few items set up so you can start selling.

If you need additional help with beyond getting set up, we can help with that too.  Do you have a large catalog of items that you want to sell, do you need help building out a more advanced profile, do you want a custom website?  We can assist you with any needs and prices are determined based on your needs.

Just tell our team what you need and we will be happy to assist.

The Ridgefield One Card is our way of driving local customers into your stores to shop and spend money locally.

Ridgefield One Cards are available for purchase both on Ridgefield Marketplace and in your store (if you choose).  It is a Gift Card that can be used at any participating Ridgefield Marketplace Merchant.

We will supply you with an easy online way to sell and redeem the cards in your locaitons.  Anytime you redeem a card in your location we will automatically reimburse the funds (standard marketplace fees apply) to you the next business day through your connected stripe account.