Join a Ridgefield business community effort to increase sales and make our town businesses more accessible to the people of Ridgefield

Low Fees

Listing products on the marketplace is always free.  Then only pay a small fee for each product that sells. 


Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Local Support

Our team of friendly Ridgefielders is here to help you every step of the way in getting your store running and get you selling.



It’s easy to start selling on Ridgefield Marketplace in just 4 simple steps


Register Your RM Store

Click on the “Register Now” Button and register your business for free. 

All merchants on Ridgefield Marketplace must be registered in the State of CT, have a business location in Ridgefield, CT and have a valid certificate of insurance.

Once approved, complete your registration by going through our easy “Set-Up Wizard”.  Our Ridgefield Marketplace Advisors will then help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online.

Register Now


Set Up Your Products

Once your storefront is set-up, the next step is setting up your products for sale.  Each item only takes a minute or two to set up and you will be ready to sell in no time.

All you need is basic information like Item Name, description, pictures, size and price.  You’ll be selling before you know it.


Receive and Ship Your Orders

Once your items are on your store, we will work together to start getting you orders.  Once you receive an order, pack it up and ship it to your customers using your favorite method.  You can even set it up for instore pick up.  


Get payments and grow your business

You will receive payment for all orders on the same day the sale is made.  No waiting for credit cards to process or checks to clear.  Get paid within hours of fulfilling the orders that you generate.

What Are The Costs to Sell On The Marketplace?

It doesn’t cost a thing to list your products on Ridgefield Marketplace, and you only pay after your products sell.
Ridgefield Marketplace then collects a small 10% fee of any items that sell, along with a Stripe transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

We also take care of collecting all of the state sales tax for the products sold so you don’t have worry about that either.

It’s time to start making money.